Duo Beija-Flor

Concerts La série des boiseries November 29, 2020, 15:30



Online concert!

Available on our plateforms (Youtube, Facebook, website) on november 92th at 3:30PM !


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Duo Beija-Flor is a classical flute and guitar duo that is as multi-layered as their home base of Montreal. Their repertoire, based upon what they call “ethno-classical” music, is full of unique and colorful sonorities that takes the listener on a musical voyage. Much like the nationalistic musical movement that came to life at the end of the 19th century, their repertoire consists of music from composers that have used either traditional dances, stories, or songs in order to create their works. They incorporate many extended and contemporary techniques in their performance giving them a more authentic sound and at the same time a modern twist to their music. With this type of repertoire they seek to increase the understanding of the diverse populations and cultures that make up modern-day Canada through music, anecdotes and outreach performances.