Concerts and events

Concerts La série des boiseries 7 November 2021, 14:30

Duo “les cordes à danser” LIVE

First concert in the PERSON of the SGM: The Duo "les cordes à danser"!

Concerts 15 November 2021, 20:00

“Greatness in Classical Guitar Composition.” – Lecture by Thomas Flippin

Join U.S. guitarist/composer Thomas Flippin as he discusses the sonic qualities of several arguably great classical guitar compositions and the tools that composers used to create such meaningful works. Through analysis of various classical guitar and non-classical compositions, we can uncover the many ways that composers around the world have employed musical and technical devices to great effect, and also see how that might inform our opinions of what differentiates some works of art from others.

Concerts 5 December 2021, 14:30


Second concert in the PERSON of the SGM: The Duo LEV!

Concerts 12 December 2021, 14:30

1st OPEN MIC Concert

First Open mic concert!

Concerts La série des boiseries 3 April 2022, 14:30

Emma Rush LIVE!

Third concert of the MGS season's: Emma Rush!

Concerts 24 April 2022, 14:30

2nd OPEN MIC Concert

Second OPEN MIC concert of the season!

Concerts 12 May 2022, 19:30

Pablo Marquez

Praised for his musical intelligence and remarkable technique, the Argentinian guitarist performs a program of Spanish works by CASSADÓ, LLOBET, LÓPEZ, CHAVARRI, PONCE, and SOR.

Concerts Festival 15 May 2022, 14:30

L’orchestre de la société de guitare de Montréal in concert

Dernier concert de la saison!